Wood Mackenzie Hydrogen Conference 2024

Wood Mackenzie Hydrogen Conference 2024

Wood Mackenzie Hydrogen Conference 2024

Exploring industry developments to unlock hydrogen’s role in the energy transition

It’s shaping up to be a critical year in determining the future for low-carbon hydrogen. With net zero targets and the pressure to decarbonise taking sharper focus, there is no better time to unlock hydrogen’s potential as part of the energy transition.

With the low-carbon hydrogen economy struggling to move at pace, a boost is needed in creating the market, in order to reconcile the supply and demand challenges. As the market looks to break the pattern of announcing capacity whilst demand remains relatively small-scale, questions remain around government policy and support, funding and costs, project delivery, hydrogen’s carbon intensity and end market requirements. All these challenges and more, need to be addressed to scale up the low-carbon hydrogen sector allowing it to play a critical role in delivering as part of the energy transition.

Join us on 6-7 November 2024 for the third edition of Wood Mackenzie’s Hydrogen Conference. This is your opportunity to meet hydrogen industry leaders, gain insight into project developments and forge new partnerships. You can engage in powerful conversation with Wood Mackenzie’s hydrogen research analysts as well as industry thought leaders to explore the key drivers and challenges of deploying low-carbon hydrogen.

Key conference themes for 2024 include:

  • Exploring the long-term outlook for hydrogen
  • Financing and cost pressures of project development: After a tough year for clean energy investment and development, will the next year be better?
  • Developing supporting infrastructure to enable low-carbon hydrogen to scale up
  • Understanding the carbon intensity of the hydrogen rainbow: Is full value-chain carbon intensity trumping the colour of hydrogen?
  • The role of policy and regulatory design in enabling the deployment of low-carbon hydrogen
  • The growing importance of electrolyser technology and procurement
  • Fuelling the future: developments in synthetic fuels (e-fuels) for transportation

•    Insights and challenges into adopting the hydrogen economy: the offtakers’ perspective

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Wood Mackenzie Hydrogen Conference 2024

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